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​Kentucky Bookmobiles and Outreach

KDLA's Bookmobile and Outreach Services insures that all Kentucky citizens have access to public library materials and services. Kentucky continues to operate over 140 bookmobile and outreach vehicles because it is the least expensive and most efficient way to reach those who cannot travel to their public library. 

People who have difficulty getting to the library include:

  • those who are isolated by distance, poverty, lack of education or transportation
  • those with disabilities
  • the very young or elderly
  • those in institutions such as schools, nursing homes, correctional facilities, etc…

Rural, urban and suburban Kentuckians alike have depended on this program from the days of the packhorse librarians over 100 years ago, to the la​test high-tech "cybermobiles."

Facts about Kentucky's Bookmobiles

Source: The Statistical Report of Kentucky Public Libraries, Fiscal Year, 2017-2018

  • Seventy-three bookmobiles were operating, providing patron service for 84,158 hours.
  • Circulation via bookmobiles totaled an astounding 1,769,204 items.
  • Additionally, there were seventy-three outreach vehicles on the road last year.

Revised April 4, 2019


​If you have questions about the Kentucky Bookmobile program or questions concerning bookmobile maintenance, call (502) 564-1730 or contact Nikole Gieske​ by email.

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