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  Frequently Asked Questions -- 2013  Annual  Report  


Getting Started

  • How do I get my Username & Password?
    If you have misplaced your login or password you can contact Jay Bank at KDLA (, or Bibliostat Collect product support at 1-866-785-9935 (email at
  • Can I use a MAC to fill out the survey?
    Yes, Collect is supported on both MAC and Windows operating systems.
  • What browsers does Bibliostat Collect support?
    Bibliostat Collect is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Firefox 1.5 or higher or any other Web browser compatible with these browsers.


  • Is there a timeout period?
    Yes, 30 minutes.


  • If my session times out, is my information saved?

Annual Report


  • When is the Annual Report due?
    The report must be submitted by August 27, 2013.  Failure to do so may result in the denial of grants from KDLA as well as a loss or delay in state aid.


  • How do I enter information into a note?
    You may use this to annotate your answer to any question that requires it. This happens if the data from your annual report generates an “Edit Check,” or if you simply wish to provide additional information locally, to the state, or to the federal government. Click on the notepad icon next to the question. Check the top margin of the notepad. If the Federal tab is highlighted, then the annotation will go to the federal statistics collection program with which the state library cooperates, and to the state library itself. All of the notepads default to the Federal tab. If you want to annotate a response to the state or to your own library, you will need to click on the respective tab on the top of the notepad.


  • How do I use the flag?
    Click on the flag and it gets darker. This is a way for you to mark a question to which you want to return. You can view all the flagged responses by selecting Status on the navigation bar at the top of the page; then select View all flagged questions.


  • What are repeating groups?
    Some sections of the annual report may contain repeating groups to allow you to customize the size of your annual report. You can add as many groups of the same questions as needed. For example, some libraries have three branches, some have one or two, and some do not have any. With the repeating group, you can complete as many groups (branches in this case) as needed. A repeating group may appear in the annual report when you are completing information about branches, trustees, source of income, contracting municipalities, etc.  You will notice that the previous year’s data will not be displayed, but many of the data entry boxes may be pre-filled for you. You can add another group of questions by clicking Add Group (or Add Branch in the previous example). In order to correctly save each group, you must first add a blank group, fill out the data for that group, and click Save before adding subsequent groups. When you add groups, it is possible that the section will be split into two parts. If you have blank or unwanted groups of questions, you can click Remove Group (or Remove Branch in the previous example) to delete the extra response boxes. However, even if the question does not apply to your library (you do not have any branches), at least one group must be completed with “N/A” in each data entry box.


  • Is there any online help?
    Yes, the number next to the question is a link to Help for that particular question. The Help is provided by the state library and usually explains or defines the data element being reported. Click on the question number to open the Help.


  • How do I enter phone & fax numbers?
    Enter 10 digits only, formatting will occur once you tab out of the input field.


  • Why can’t I enter information into a gray box?
    These fields have been locked upon request of the State Data Coordinator, Jay Bank. This data is prefilled and cannot be modified.


  • Why is there is a section letter or line number missing in the annual report form?
    Efforts are made to preserve section letters and line numbers from one year to the next.  This makes the task of comparing entries from previous reports easier.  However, on occasion a new data element is added, or one is deleted, leaving a gap in the numbering.




  • What is an edit check?
    Edit checks may have been developed by the state library and the federal government for certain questions to alert you when the responses may be questionable when compared to state or national norms. They will only appear after you have entered your data, and only if that data is outside of the specified range. The edit checks serve the purpose of letting you see the criteria and explain your data before it gets submitted to the state library. You may need to correct a simple typo. If the data you entered is correct, you need to write an annotation on the notepad to explain why that data is correct.


  • How do I get rid of an edit check?
    The question will appear with the reason for the edit check below in bright red. If you can annotate the response, the message will tell you whether to use the Federal or the State note. If the data is incorrect, simply correct the data in the entry box. If the edit check is on an automatic total and the figure is wrong, you will need to change the data in the contributing questions.


  • I created a Note to satisfy an edit check, but it does not disappear?
    When the data is within the specified range (after clicking Submit Corrections), the edit check will disappear. If the data in the entry box is correct, write a note using the notepad to annotate your response. For state edit checks, use the State note and for federal edit checks, use the Federal (default) note. When you annotate a correct response using the notepad (and after clicking Submit Corrections), the edit check message will turn green.


  • What are flagged questions?
    You may flag any question that you would like to revisit after gathering more information. To view the list of questions you have flagged, go to the Status page and click on the Flagged Questions tab. When you have answered the question to your satisfaction, re-click the flag icon to unmark the question.


  • How do I submit the annual report when I've finished entering my information?
    There are 3 steps to finalize your annual report:
    1. Review each of the following tabs on the Status page: Edit Checks, Unanswered Questions, and Flagged Questions.
      Note: While not all of the items in these tabs are required by the annual report, we highly recommend that you go through each before submitting.
    2. Print the annual report and save an electronic version for your records. You may also want to print your annotations.
    3. After steps 1 and 2 have been completed, your report is ready to submit to the State Library.

The Submit Survey tab is located on the status page. When you click the Submit Survey button, Bibliostat Collect does 3 things:

    1. Checks for any required questions and lists any that have been left unanswered. These need to be addressed before you can submit your report.
    2. Checks all Edit Checks to make sure they have been corrected or that a Note (State or Federal) has been provided. Only after every Edit Check has been satisfied, will you be allowed to Submit your finalized annual report.
    3. After the first 2 items have been checked and the Submit Survey button has been pressed, Bibliostat Collect locks the annual report so the integrity of your submitted data is protected.


If, for any reason, you need to access your report again after being locked out, contact the annual report administrator at your State Library (, to get your survey "unlocked." You will still be able to view a printable copy of your submitted survey by clicking Home and selecting the proper survey link under "Other Surveys". You will then be directed to the Printing options screen.

What is the submission process?

  • Submit the survey, as detailed in the preceding steps
  • Notify your regional librarian that you have submitted the annual report.
  • The regional librarian will contact you after they have reviewed the report.  If changes are needed then print the report and submit again.
  • When the report is complete, the regional librarian will contact you and request that the Authorization page be filled in.  Do not collect signatures before this final OK is received.
  • Mail (do not fax) the completed authorization page; your long range plan, if it has been updated in the past year; and one copy of your audit, if it was done during the 2012-2013 fiscal year to:

    Carly Gill
    P.O. Box 537
    Frankfort, KY 40602


  • How do I create a report?
    There are two printable reports available in the Printing section: the Survey Report and the Annotation Report.

Survey Report: To generate a printable version of the data you entered in your annual report survey. There are several print options available to you. You can choose to print the entire survey, selected sections of the survey, with or without the current year’s data, and with or without the previous year’s data. Click on the appropriate radio button for your selection. If you are choosing a particular section, click the down arrow at the right of the selection box and select the section you wish to print. You can also choose to print the report in either PDF or HTML format. The main difference between the two reports is that the PDF report has a page break between each section, and the HTML does not. That makes the HTML version consume a little less paper if you do not need each section to start on a new page. The HTML version also generates the report in less time. A separate window will open when the report has been generated.

If you wish to print a copy in the PDF format, click show PDF report. The formatting may take a few minutes. When the report has been generated, Adobe Acrobat Reader will be started. Click the print icon at the top left of the Reader screen to print a paper copy. To save an electronic version of your report, click the disk icon at the top left of the Reader screen and follow the usual instructions for that command. Your survey will be saved as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file.

If you want an HTML version, click show WEB report. Once it appears, simply go to the File menu and select Print. To save the electronic version in HTML format, go to the File menu and select Save As and follow the usual instructions for that command.

Annotation Report: To generate a printable version of the annotations you made in your annual report survey. You can print Local, State, and Federal notes all on the same report. The procedures are the same as above.
How do I save an electronic copy of the survey report?
This can be accomplished by creating a PDF report. Create a PDF report, click the disk icon at the top left of the Reader screen and follow the usual instructions for that command. Your survey will be saved as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file.