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Classic Party Games for Seniors

Adult Kit

Kit includes 3 books, 1 set of jumbo animal dominoes, 6 sets of colored dominoes, 1 set of double nine jumbo color dot dominoes, 1 set of 4 domino racks, 4 packs of giant face playing cards, 2 packs of jumbo size playing cards, 6 fan card holders, 1 automatic card shuffler, 1 revolving rack of 300 poker chips, 2 sets of 5 big dice, 6 giant soft dice cubes, 1 pack of UNO cards, 1 pack of Canasta Caliente cards, 1 Kings in the Corner card game, 1 Sequence board game, 1 2-in-1 rug game set (checkers and backgammon) and 1 resource guide.

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