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PLFC Process

A Brief Overview of the PLFC Process



  • Is your library legally established?
  • Does your library provide free countywide services, without discrimination, to the citizens of your county?
  • Is the director certified by the Kentucky Board for the Certification of Librarians?
  • Determine your building’s requirements.


Hire an Architect:

  • Construction must be designed and supervised by an architect who is registered in Kentucky and approved by KDLA.
  • Have the architect prepare a feasibility study including a basic floor plan idea and rough cost estimate.
  • Create a construction budget including all architect and design fees, bidding costs, legal fees, construction costs, and furnishing expenses.


Find Funding:

  • What combination of cash, loans/bonds, revenue, and grants (including PLFC grants) will you need pay for the project.
  • Don't over-estimate the amount of money you will receive in donations.


Apply for KDLA Funds:

  • Submit the Notification of Intent.
  • Contact the construction consultant.
  • Have site approved by the construction consultant – it must be owned by the library or have confirmed 20 year usage.
  • Submit a State Public Library Construction Program Application.


After Approval:

  • If selected, attend recipient meeting.
  • Sign the Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Establish a separate bank account for deposit of all PLFC funds.  PLFC funds cannot be comingled with any other construction or library funds of any kind.



  • Have the architect complete all design work and bid documents.
  • Have the plans approved by the Construction Consultant before advertising for bids.


Advertise for Bids:

  • After the LRC approves the Memorandum of Agreement and the KDLA Construction Consultant approves the plans, the library can advertise for bids.
  • Comply with bid laws.
  • Comply with prevailing wage laws.


Awarding the Contract:

  • Generally, the architect will handle the opening of the bids and inspection of each to ensure that all requirements of the construction bid specifications are met.
  • The architect will make a recommendation based on his/her assessment of the bids received.
  • There are strong legal reasons for accepting the lowest bid.
  • The Board will officially accept the bid, keeping in mind the provisions of KRS 45A.365


Borrow Money/Sell Bonds:

  • If selling bonds, do so after you get a firm bid.



  • Have the Construction Consultant inspect the work when the foundation is completed.
  • Have the Construction Consultant inspect the work during roofing.
  • Note items that need to be included in the punch list, before the architect checks the building.



  • Semi Annual Reports
    • A 3-page report is submitted to the KDLA Construction Consultant every six months until your project is complete and audited.
  • Annual Reports
    • A 1-page report is submitted to the KDLA Construction Consultant every year until the grant ends.


Final Inspection

  • Have the Construction Consultant complete the final inspection by attending the punch-list meeting.
  • Submit final report.


Project Closeout:

  • The library sends a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy to KDLA.
  • The library submits the Final Report to KDLA.
  • The library submits an audit to KDLA.
  • The library continues to submit the required annual report until the debt is retired.


Contact KDLA’s Construction Consultant, Chris Bischoff, at 502-564-8300 ext. 213 for assistance or more information.


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