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Open Meetings

The Open Meetings Act applies to all meetings held by state and local government agencies.  All state or local governmental activities are covered by the Act, including committees, advisory committees, and ad hoc committees, which are established, created, and controlled by a public agency.

Under the Open Meetings Act there are two usual types of meetings:  regular meetings and special meetings.  Regular meetings are those governed by the provisions of KRS 61.820, which basically require that the monthly board meetings must be scheduled to be held at a regular time and place and are open for public attendance.

From time to time a regularly-scheduled meeting may need to be changed or an additional meeting must be held to handle some business that must be addressed before the next regular meeting.   Special meetings are controlled by the provisions of KRS 61.823.  For a special meeting, the agenda must be posted in the library’s headquarters building and in the location where the meeting will be held.  This notice must be posted at least 24 hours in advance of the special meeting.

Refer to The Kentucky Open Records & Open Meetings Acts: A guide for the public and public agencies for more information on the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.  This publication, and the accompanying, Managing Government Records, that provide information about the Open Records Act, are available on the Kentucky Attorney General’s website.  It is highly recommended that the library director become familiar with the information in these two documents as they both provide useful information that will help make conducting library business transparent and fulfill the legal requirements of meetings and maintaining government records.

All meetings of a quorum of the members of the library board must be open to the public.  As outlined briefly above and in KRS 61.820, meetings must be held at specific times and places which are convenient to the public.