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Kentucky Public Library Standards

Planning is the keystone for a dynamic, evolving organization. The public library community has embraced planning as a core value. The most effective tool for evaluating a library's progress and defining goals for future development is a written plan. Planning is a prelude to effective utilization of standards and is reflected in the seven key service areas of Kentucky Public Library Standards.

Standards provide a guide to excellence. They define the kind of public library services that should be available to all Kentuckians. Stressing ongoing planning and evaluation, standards provide baseline data and establish a strong foundation from which to develop local goals to address local needs. They are an essential assessment tool to use in evaluating the library's effectiveness and a guide to assist in planning for improved services. The utilization of standards can maximize the library's role in the community by focusing resources. The ultimate outcome is heightened visibility and support for the library.

Each year the KPLA Standards Committee invites libraries to participate in completing the standards survey. Information for accessing the survey will be made available at that time. The current Kentucky Public Library Standards Manual can be found on the KDLA's Library Standards page.