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Every Month:

  • Test and reset all ground-fault (GFCI) outlets.
  • Check furnace filters.
  • Check all fire extinguishers.
  • Check all emergency lights.
  • Check clocks.


Every 6 Months (at time change):

  • Conduct a staff fire drill.
  • Exterior:
    • Check all sidewalks, stair treads, and hand rails. (bulging, excessive cracks, caulking problems?).
    • Check outside lighting (appropriate timing, burnt out bulbs?).
    • Check doors and locks (smooth operation, functioning accessibility features, all keys work, evidence of tampering, etc.?).
    • Check the roof (cracks, missing shingles, rust?).
    • Check and clean gutters (bent, cracked, clogged?).
    • Check foundations (cracks?).
    • Check building exterior, doors, windows, caulking (cracks, graffiti, vandalism, dirty?).
    • Check bookdrops (locks, paint, hinges?).
    • Check the parking lot pavement (worn lines, faded signage, potholes?).
    • Check all signage (worn, illegible, outdated, inaccurate?).
    • Check marquee (burnt out bulbs, adequate letters, paint).
    • Check flag and pole (worn, faded, tattered, rope condition, lighting?).
    • Check landscaping (weeds, overgrown shrubbery, dead or dying trees, grass in sidewalk?).
  • Interior:
    • Exits (clear of obstacles, exit light functions?).
    • Test all smoke detectors and replace their batteries.
    • Check all emergency lights.
    • Replace batteries in all flashlights, emergency radios, and emergency exit alarms.
    • Replace all clock batteries.
    • Check currency of emergency numbers at phones.
    • Check emergency signage and evacuation maps (worn, illegible, outdated, inaccurate?).
    • Check first-aid kits (missing or dated supplies?).
    • Show staff members location of alarm buttons, fire extinguishers, water valves, steam valves, gas valves, fuel oil valves, etc.
    • Make sure the mechanical room is clean, uncluttered, and free of flammable materials.
    • Check for overloaded outlets and extension cords.
    • Check windows (cracks, vandalism, dirty?).
    • Check bathrooms (adequate hot and cold water, damaged fixtures, water damage, graffiti, damaged tiles, worn caulking, etc.?).
    • Check interior lighting (appropriate timing, burnt out bulbs?).
    • Check foyer and stairwells (cluttered, dirty?).
    • Check kitchens (adequate hot and cold water, pests, damage, water damage?).
    • Check all carpeting and flooring (torn, worn, stained, faded, dirty?).
    • Check water fountains (function correctly, adequate water pressure, water damage, stains?).
    • Check public phone (functions correctly, graffiti?).
    • Ceilings (damp spots, stains, damaged, dirty?).
    • Check all signage (damaged, worn, faded, illegible, outdated, inaccurate?).
    • Check trash receptacles (adequate number and placement, reasonably clean?).
    • Check furniture and equipment (damaged, worn, faded, inadequate, broken?).
    • Check walls (chipped, peeling, faded, water damage?).
    • Check storage areas (safe, neat, no unneeded materials?).


Every Year:

  • Have first-aid responders trained.
  • Have professional elevator inspection.
  • Have professional smoke, fire, and security alarm inspections.
  • Have professional HVAC inspection.
  • Have professional roof inspection.


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