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In the first part of this session, Zack Culver from the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP) will discuss the biological and cognitive causes of anxiety. Specific disorders will be reviewed in order to increase participant’s understanding of symptoms and how they may impact their work performance. At the end, participants should have an increased awareness of possible treatments so that they can seek out appropriate services if they or their loved ones are suffering from debilitating anxiety. In the second part, staff from the State Library will discuss anxiety-related materials available from the Library.
7/27/2017​ | 1 hour
Budgeting is the foundation for an overall healthy financial picture. Zack Culver from the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP) will teach different ways to develop a budget so that you will feel more confident with your spending habits and hopefully reach the goal of saving money for the future. The second part of this class will review the State Library’s resources concerning money management that are available to all state employees.
1/19/2017 | 1 hour
When you have resilience, you harness inner strengths and rebound more quickly from a setback or challenge, whether it's a job loss, an illness, a disaster or the death of a loved one. KEAP’s Trina Wilkins Koontz explores techniques for developing a positive mood despite difficult circumstances. A review of brain science research will support the strategies that will be introduced.
8/31/2017 | 1 hour
This webinar explores what factors affect your credit score and how to improve it so that you might have more financial opportunities available to you.
2/15/2017 | 1.25 hours
This webinar will focus on caregivers of the elderly, and will present resources on topics such as Alzheimer's Disease, adult day care, living arrangements, nutrition, and safety. Resources will be presented by staff from the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL). The State Library will also present resources available in our collection.
1/6/2016 | 1 hour
Whether troubleshooting a setback at work or deciding how to respond to a tricky email — everything we do is a reflection of our brain's health. In this session we explored what current research says about obtaining optimal brain fitness. We also explored ways to improve decision making, creativity, memory and more.
1/31/2017 | 1 hour


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