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Sometimes employees feel frustrated or nervous when a customer becomes dissatisfied and upset. Having skills to respond in these situations may help you feel more confident when communicating under stress. The first part of this webinar will present non-physical techniques that can prevent or diffuse a hostile situation. The second part will review related resources and services available to state employees from the State Library.
5/3/2017 | 1 hour
This webinar addresses how to communicate more effectively on the job through email. In addition it will cover features in Outlook that will help you better manage your email account. The goal will to make your use of email easier and more effective in the workplace.
7/23/2015 | 1 hour | Handouts (PDF)
This training is an introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Jennifer Hicks, the State ADA Coordinator, will cover sensitivity, employment, service animals and other ADA topics in the first part of class. In the second part, staff from the State Library will discuss ADA-related items in the Library's collection that are available to Kentucky state government employees.
4/16/2015 | 1.25 hours
Positive feelings lead to improved work performance. There are things we can do even in stressful times to increase our happiness factor in our work. In the first part of this class, Susan Gaffield from the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP) will present ten strategies that boost contentment and happiness on the job. In the second part, staff from KDLA’s State Library will review the Library’s resources and services that are available to all state employees.
6/9/2017 | 1 hour
Many state government jobs include listening to people tell stories about the mistreatment of others. Repeated exposure to stories of abuse, violence and death can put a person at risk for negative symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as other problems that can impact an individual’s ability to function effectively at their job and in their personal life. This webinar will clarify the various conditions, terms and symptoms that have come out of the research examining those who are exposed to trauma second hand and will present a review of ways to address those issues.
6/8/2017 | 1 hour


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