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​Service / Staff Directories

​​​​​​​​​​​Service Directory

Public Service Areas Phone Email
Ask​​​ a Librarian502.564.8306 Library Services
Talking Books502.564.5791 KTBL
Research & Reference
Archives and Records Management/Research & Reference
Circulation502.564.8306 Library Services
Records Management / Records Retention Schedules:
 > State Government502.564.1702
Archives and Records Management
 > Local Government502.564.1745 Archives and Records Management

Service/Collection Phone Email
Archival Records502.564.1770 Archives and Records Management
Audiobooks502.564.8306 Library Services
Bookmobiles502.564.1730 Library Services/Nikole Gieske​
Cataloging - Materials502.564.8373 Cataloging/Cathy Crum
​Courier Service​844.400.5985​Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL)
Court Records502.564.1787 Archives and Records Management/Research & Reference
E-Rate502.564.1728 Library Services/Lauren Abner
Federal Grants502.564.1745 LSTA Program/Beth Milburn
Interlibrary Loan502.564.8306 Library Services
Kits502.564.8306 Library Services
Large Type Books502.564.8306 Library Services
Library Accounts502.564.8306 Library Services
Library Statistics606.706.0480 Library Services/Jay Bank
Local Grants502.564.1745 Archives and Records Management
Local Records Management502.564.1745 Archives and Records Management
Local Records Retention Schedules502.564.1745 Archives and Records Management
Magazines (for the blind)502.564.1734 KTBL
Archives and Records Management/Robin Smit​h
State Government Publications502.564.8306 Archives and Records Management
​State Records Center
State Records Center​
State Records Management502.564.1702 Archives and Records Management
State Records Retention Schedules502.564.1702 Archives and Records Management
Talking Books Volunteer Program502.564.1736 KTBL

KDLA Publications Phone Email
Friends Newsletter502.564.1722 Renita Van
Kentucky Library News Digest502.564.1719
Hilary Writt
Kentucky Talking Book Library News502.564.5791 KTBL
​​Website Publications502.564.1702
Cathrine Giles

Staff Directory

Abner, LaurenLibrary ServicesTechnology
Adams-Robertson, AlexaLibrary ServicesLibrary Regional Consultant
Atha, DavidArchives and Records ManagementLocal Records East Regional
Bank, JayLibrary ServicesSystems
Barnes, JeffLibrary ServicesTalking Book
Belen, BobArchives and Records ManagementState Records Center
Bertucci, BrianLibrary ServicesTalking Book
Bischoff, ChrisLibrary ServicesLibrary Regional
Bryan, NicoleArchives and Records ManagementLocal Records Branch
Bundy, DanArchives and Records ManagementAdministrative
Chisman, JanetLibrary ServicesTalking Book
Clark, DerekArchives and Records ManagementElectronic Records Branch
Crum, CathyLibrary ServicesAcquisitions and Cataloging
Detwiler, JohnLibrary ServicesSystems
Fitzsimmonds, RobertLibrary ServicesAcquisitions and Cataloging Librarian
Garrett, SarahArchives and Records ManagementElectronic Records
Gieske, NikoleLibrary ServicesLibrary Development Branch Manager
Gilbert, MichaelLibrary ServicesTalking Book
Giles, CathrineArchives and Records ManagementState Records Branch
Gray, MitziLibrary ServicesLibrary Materials
Halbmaier, BeccaArchives and Records ManagementLocal Records West Regional
Hale, LanceArchives and Records ManagementArchivist, State Archives
Harmon, GaryLibrary ServicesTalking Book
Heckaman, RustyArchives and Records ManagementResearch Room
Herrington, JessicaArchives and Records
Hibbard, DeborahLibrary ServicesCirculation and Outreach Librarian
Hill, RobArchives and Records ManagementSystems Analyst
Isaac, JoeArchives and Records ManagementState Records
Lilly, TinaArchives and Records ManagementQuality Assurance
Mania, TraceyLibrary ServicesTalking Book
McGinnis, SusanLibrary ServicesTalking Book
McGrath, AliciaLibrary ServicesContinuing Education Section
Metzing, TaylorArchives and Records ManagementState Records
Milburn, BethKDLADeputy
Miley, Mackenzie Commissioner's Office Executive
Olson, AmyLibrary ServicesYouth Services
Patterson, JenniferArchives and Records ManagementArchival Services Branch
Patton, AbrianaArchives and Records ManagementAdministrative
Penegor, BarbaraLibrary ServicesTalking Book Library Branch
Preston, DrewArchives and Records ManagementLocal Records South Central Regional
Provost, TaylorArchives and Records ManagementAdministrative
Reynolds, HeathArchives and Records ManagementDigital Projects
Rueda, MelissaLibrary ServicesLibrary Regional
Shields, MelissaArchives and Records ManagementArchives Center
Smith, RobinArchives and Records ManagementArchivist
Stevens, BrynneArchives and Records
Taylor, CarrieFiscal Operations
Taylor, CharlyLibrary ServicesContinuing Education
Thomas, CharlesKDLABuilding & Grounds
Tice, NathanArchives and Records ManagementState Records
Usry, KimLibrary ServicesTraining Development
Van, JayArchives and Records ManagementStores Worker
Van, RenitaArchives and Records ManagementAdministrative
Williams, BethArchives and Records ManagementLocal Records North Central Regional
Writt, HilaryLibrary ServicesWorkforce and Adult Services Consultant

Contact Info

To locate the contact information of a specific individual associated with a service/collection, consult the Staff Directory.

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