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Division Descriptions

​The Commissioner’s Office

Through the Commissioner’s Office, the Commissioner and State Librarian establishes overall policy and direction for the department and serves as liaison with the Secretary’s Office, the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. The Commissioner also works with legislators and other public officials on funding and library issues, developing partnerships that enhance the statewide program, develops strategic plans as well as budgets to implement those plans, and promotes resource sharing through information technology. Additionally, the Commissioner serves on various boards and commissions in support of the agency. The communications function of the agency is served through the Commissioner’s Office.


Archives and Records Management Division

The Archives and Records Management Division (ARM) works with Kentucky government agencies to ensure creation and preservation of adequate and proper documentation of the agency’s organizational functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions. ARM also works with agencies so that their records protect the legal and financial rights of government and of individuals directly affected by an agency’s activities. ARM does this by establishing standards, procedures, and administrative regulations for recording, managing, preserving and reproducing government records, whatever their medium. The Division operates the state's statutorily mandated central records depositories: the State Archives and the State Records Center. The State Archives houses and makes available for research permanently valuable state and local government records and the State Records Center provides agencies with secure, economical storage for their non-current records. The work of the division is provided through the following branches: Archival Services Branch, Electronic Records Management Branch, Local Records Branch, and State Records Branch.


Library Services Division

The Library Services Division provides support to the Commonwealth's 119 public library systems and its residents.  It consists of three branches:  Library Development Branch, Customer Service and Collections Branch, and Talking Book Library Branch.