Local Government Records Retention Schedules

 Schedule Name

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Date Approved
or last major update

 Latest Changes or Revisions

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Area Development District


County Attorney 


County Clerk 

Updated March 2014


County Coroner


County Judge Executive

Updated April 2005


County Sheriff

Updated April 2005


County Treasurer


General Schedule for Electronic and Related Records

Updated March 2006



Updated December 2005


Kenton County Airport Board

June 2013


Lexington/Fayette Urban County Government

Updated March 2014


Public Library & Library Board

Updated March 2014


Local Government General Records Schedule

June 2014


Local Health Department

June 13, 2013


Louisville Metro Government

Updated March 2014


Municipal Government


Public School District (K-12 Central Office)

Updated March 2014


For questions about Local Government Records, contact Jerry Carlton, 502.564.1724, or Jerry.Carlton@ky.gov

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