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Service Directory

Public Service Areas Phone Email
Ask a Librarian 502.564.8306 Reference
Talking Books 502.564.1734 KTBL
Archives Research 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Library Reference 502.564.8306 Reference
Circulation 502.567.8306 Reference
Records Management / Records Retention Schedules    
 > State Government 502.564.1702 Public Records/Jim Cundy
 > Local Government 502.564.1724 Public Records/Jerry Carlton
Government Publications 502.564.8306 Reference

Service/Collection Phone Email
Adoption Records 502.564.8321 Public Records/Archives Research
Ask a Librarian 502.564.8306 Reference
Audiobooks 502.564.8306 Reference
Birth Records 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Books 502.564.8306 Reference
Bookmobiles 502.564.1730 Field Services /Terry Manuel
CD-ROMs 502.564.8306 Reference
Cataloging - Materials 502.564.8373 Cataloging/Cathy Crum
Census Records 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Census Statistics 502.564.8306 Reference
Certification 502.564.8325 Field Services/Beth Milburn
Civil/Criminal Cases 502.564.8321 Public Records/Archives Research
Database Research 502.564.8306 Reference
Death Records 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Descriptive Videos 502.564.1734 KTBL
Divorce Records 502.564.8321 Public Records/Archives Research
DVDs 502.564.8306 Reference
E-Rate 502.564.1728 Field Services /Katherine Adelberg
Federal Grants 502.564.1745 LSTA Program/Nicole Bryan
Gates Library Foundation 502.564.8303 Commissioner's Office/Wayne Onkst
Genealogical Research Questions 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Interlibrary Loan 502.564.8306 Reference
Internet Research 502.564.8306 Reference
Kentucky Files 502.564.8306 Reference
Kentucky Guide Program 502.564.1719 Public Records/Valerie Edgeworth
Kits 502.564.8306 Reference
Large Type Books 502.564.8306 Reference
Library Accounts 502.564.8306 Reference
Library Statistics Field Services/Jay Bank
Library Technical Services 502.564.8376 Cataloging/Bill Shrout
Local Grants 502.564.1745 Public Records/Jerry Carlton
Local Records Management 502.564.1724 Public Records/Jerry Carlton
Local Records Retention Schedules 502.564.1724 Public Records/Jerry Carlton
Magazines/Journals 502.564.8306 Reference
Magazines (for the blind) 502.564.1734 KTBL
Marriage Records 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Microfilm Orders 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Micrographics 502.564.1757 Public Records/Mark Stone
Minutes 502.564.8348 Public Records/Tim Tingle
Newspapers 502.564.8306 Reference
Periodicals 502.564.8306 Reference
Photographs 502.564.1771 Public Records/Lisa Thompson
Preservation Lab 502.564.1741 Public Records/Melissa Shields
Records Imaging 502.564.1757 Public Records/Mark Stone
Reference Materials 502.564.8306 Reference
Renewals/Extending Item Checkouts 502.564.8306 Reference
Social Security Benefits 502.564.8321 Public Records/Archives Research
State Government Publications 502.564.8306 Reference
State Records Management 502.564.1703 Public Records/Jim Cundy
State Records Retention Schedules 502.564.1703 Public Records/Jim Cundy
Talking Books 502.564.1734 KTBL
Talking Books Volunteer Program 502.564.1736 KTBL/Lauren Abner
Tax Records 502.564.1768 Public Records/Archives Research
Veterans Benefits 502.564.8321 Public Records/Archives Research

KDLA Publications Phone Email
Friends Newsletter 502.564.1768 David Kirkpatrick
Kentucky Library News Digest 270.791.0547 Nikole Wolfe
Listening Post 502.564.1734 KTBL
Website Publications 502.564.1753 Paige Sexton

Staff Directory

Abner, LaurenField ServicesTalking Book
Adelberg, Katherine K.Field ServicesE-Rate
Arnold, JackiePublic RecordsLocal Records Regional
Bailey, BrendaField ServicesLibrary Regional
Baker, HeatherPublic RecordsGrants and Contract
Bank, JayField ServicesSystems
Barnett, LarryPublic RecordsLocal Records Regional
Bischoff, ChrisField ServicesLibrary Construction
Bowman, WalterPublic RecordsArchives Research Room
Bryan, NicoleAdministrative ServicesGrants and Contract Administrator; LSTA
Bundy, DanPublic RecordsDocument Processing Specialist
Campbell, BarbaraAdministrative ServicesFiscal Operations Branch
Campbell, MichellePublic RecordsMicrographics Section
Carlton, JerryPublic RecordsLocal Records Branch
Casey-Goode, GeorgianaAdministrative ServicesBuilding Grounds
Chisman, JanetField ServicesTalking Book
Compton, PamPublic RecordsState Records
Cornett, JeannaField ServicesLibrary Regional
Crum, CathyState Library ServicesCataloging
Cummins, LucasAdministrative
Cundy, JimPublic RecordsState Records Branch
Detwiler, JohnState Library ServicesSystems
Dieffenbach, HeatherField ServicesLibrary Regional
Dunman, SusanField ServicesLibrary Regional
Edgeworth, ValeriePublic RecordsKentucky Guide
Gampp, TimField ServicesLibrary Regional
Gilbert, MichaelField ServicesTalking Book
Gill, CarlyField
Gill, NickState Library ServicesInterlibrary
Gray, MitziState Library
Griffith, MarshaField ServicesRegional Library Consultant606.679.8401 ext.
Hale, LancePublic RecordsState Archives
Harmon, GaryField ServicesTalking Book
Hill, RobPublic RecordsTechnology Analysis and
Holden, RogerAdministrative ServicesFiscal
Hopper, TonyaPublic RecordsState Archives
Houseal, NancyState Library
Howard, MichelePublic RecordsImaging Section
Jones, MichaelField ServicesPublic Library Development Branch
Jones, WandaState Library
Kirkpatrick, DavidPublic RecordsArchives Research
Kirkwood, TracePublic RecordsLocal Records Regional
Knox, KeithState Library ServicesUser Services Branch
Lilly, TinaPublic RecordsMicrographics and
Manuel, TerryState Library ServicesDirector, State Library Services; Acting Director, Fields Services
Mattingly, DonPublic RecordsState Records
May, EricPublic RecordsState Records
May, KariPublic RecordsArchives Research
McAninch, GlenPublic RecordsTechnology Analysis and Support Branch
McCord, KelleyPublic RecordsImaging Section Supervisor (Transportation)502.564.9900 ext.
McDaniel, ZacharyField ServicesTalking Book
McGrath, AliciaState Library ServicesAcquisitions
McIntosh, CharlotteField ServicesLibrary Regional
McIntosh, TimPublic RecordsLocal Records Regional
Milburn, BethField ServicesContinuing Education
Minder, JaneState Library ServicesReference
Neidlinger, JessicaPublic RecordsDocument Processing Specialist
Onkst, WayneCommissioner's OfficeState Librarian and
Pattengill, MaryState Library
Patterson, JenniferPublic RecordsState Archives Center
Pearce, RobinPublic RecordsDocument
Penegor, BarbaraField ServicesTalking Book Library Branch
Prichard, DavePublic RecordsState Records
Proctor, JacobPublic RecordsStores Worker
Rice, FayePublic RecordsMicrographics and
Schroader, JoannField ServicesLibrary Regional
Schulte, BarbaraPublic RecordsMicrographics and
Sexton, PaigeCommissioner's
Shackelford, StevePublic RecordsState Records Center
Shields, BethPublic RecordsTechnology Analysis and
Shields, MelissaPublic RecordsDocument Preservation Lab
Shrout, BillState Library ServicesCollection Access and Management Branch
Simpson, MarthaPublic RecordsMicrographics and Imaging502.564.9900 ext.
Smither, ConniePublic RecordsMicrographics and Imaging502.564.9900 ext.
Snapp, CindyPublic RecordsState Records
Stamper, JoshState Library
Stivers, DevonField ServicesTalking Book
Stone, MarkPublic RecordsMicrographics and Imaging Branch
Taylor, CarrieAdministrative
Taylor, CharlyState Library
Teague, BarbaraPublic RecordsState Archivist and Records Administrator; Public Records Division
Thompson, LisaPublic RecordsArchival
Tice, NathanPublic RecordsState Records
Tierney, FillyAdministrative
Tingle, TimPublic RecordsArchival Services Branch
Van, JayPublic RecordsStores Worker
Van, RenitaPublic Records Administrative
Whitehouse, StaceyCommissioner's OfficeExecutive
Will, MaureenState Library
Wolfe, NikoleField ServicesLibrary Regional

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